My Spirit Animal

I’ve always had an affinity for blue jays.
When I was a child, maybe around 10 or 11 or so, I used to beg to go to the bookstore so that I could wander throughout the aisles, I was drawn to the sections dealing generally with psychology and spiritualism.
I encountered many subjects, some which have stuck with me throughout the years, I’m here to divulge one of those experiences, with that of a book on spirit animals.
In my childhood home, we had many birds.
Blue jays were always hopping along the fences we shared with our neighbors.
I was told that by mimicking the animal we sought to communicate with, we could establish a union of sorts.
Naturally, I began mimicking the blue jay, and to my surprise, it began taking an interest in me.
Walking up to me until it was about an arms length.
I remember this moment vividly from my childhood.

Imagine that, you read something in a book, and then it becomes true?

Whenever I see a blue jay now, I try to befriend it, I give them food, I help them guard their nests from crows.
They’ve connected with me now.

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